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Gay parents – Parents Like Everyone Else

Our Families, Our Values

Academic discourse about gay couples and their adaptability to parenthood began to change in 2001. After American sociologist Judith Stacey, “Is sexual orientation of parents important?” Published in the American Sociological Review. The article is a meta-analysis of the 21 comparative study of gay and heterosexual couples/parents, each of whom has more or less successfully tried to answer the question: Whether and to what extent are the children raised by gay parents different about children who grow up with their biological, heterosexual parents? In summary, the result is as follows:


Although there are differences between heterosexual children and homosexual parents, they are far less than common-sense expectations. Some of them – for example, the greater tendency of children with gay parents to experiment – cannot even be counted as deficits. We are experiencing them as such, only because they deviate from the dominant culture of the shaped standard. They finding that the sexual orientation of parents does not significantly affect the survival of children is repeated in later studies. Meta-analyses involving recent research, carried out on better-defined samples. At the same time, a considerable number of researchers concluded that the possibly lower performance of gay parent. Children results from an unfavorable social climate compared to homosexuality.

Ten years after the pioneering work of Judith Stacy. Researchers began to realize that there is no difference between heterosexual and gay parenting. Moreover, having in mind that lesbian families do not have sexual violence. Gender/sex appears in recent research as a key determinant of the quality of parenting and the well-being of children. From that angle, a child who grows up with a single mother or a lesbian couple has a greater chance of a non-intrusive, non-violent childhood than a child raised by a heterosexual couple of biological or adoptive parents.


In 2010, the AAP supported the adoption of children by homosexual people, by claiming that gay parents, as well as heterosexuals, can provide their children with the conditions for unimpeded growth and development. Before the decision of the US Supreme Court to lift legal barriers to legalizing gay marriage at the federal level. AAP supported the gay marriage and gay couples to adopt children. So, to what extent is true the initial position that children of gay parents. Must necessarily be psychosocially deprived in comparison with children raised by biological parents? A brief answer to this question would be: “None”.