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Gay Marriage As A Corrector Of A Traditional Family


Although modern heterosexual marriage is set so that both man and woman potentially can provide far more satisfaction than ever, it is not unchanged by old ideas about marriage and marriage habits. As a result, an enormous number of people of both sexes are entering marriage burdened by prejudices and stereotypes. For them, marriage relatively quickly becomes a synonym for stressful life. Others deter themselves from entering it at all, because of the expectations which are contrary to economic and political reality.


The mere fact that same-sex partners cannot share their daily duties by their foreseen gender roles indicates that the daily organization of family life has to be treated differently from heterosexuals. To the horror of the traditionalists, in gay and lesbian marriage there is no one on which, by definition. All the burdens of home affairs falls – the monitoring of school achievements of children and the organization. Of children free time (n the case of a traditional marriage it is a wife’s’/mothers’ job). And that realization is quite beneficial. Moreover, it can serve as an example to a heterosexual majority.


Researchers are already beginning to realize that gay marriage can serve as a kind of controlled experiment. His outcome could bring us closer to the question of what it means to be a man, that is, to be a woman. But also what are the most common problems in marital and family relations based on gender and gender stereotypes. And what causes should be sought somewhere else. For example, scientists have a problem to explain the long-known fact that in heterosexual marriage, women initiate divorce rather than a man. Is it a consequence of sexual revolutions? Economic independence of a modern woman; the failure of a modern man to make the partner happy?


The one thing remains – in same-sex marriages, there is nothing that you need to do just because of your gender. Nothing is decided beforehand, and no one from extended family. Or anyone on the outside can judge how you deal with your home affairs. You can be a stay-at-home dad or woman highly driven by career, you can be a sensitive man or a cold calculated woman, but no one can say that you are endangering and stepping onto toes of your opposite-sex partner. And that is what heterosexual marriage needs to learn from a homosexual one.